Arranging the literature based on independent or dependent variables

As researcher we often need to write up the literature review for the topic of our choice. This process can as best facilitated by having our literature (all the pdf files we are going to be using) pre-organized using a sorting mechanism that will allow us to filter through the data more effectively. Several software offers a number of features that help in this regard, for example the tagging system that is used by qiqqa or papers. I prefer to use the attribute feature of Docear to achieve this and have found it to be a better option. Here is a quick tutorial on how I go about doing this…

Step 1: First off lets start with an existing map

Screenshot 2015-05-26 10.31.54

As you can see in the above figure I have four research papers in this particular map. This is infact a branch of a larger map, but I decide to avoid the clutter of that map for this tutorial. You will notice that I have all the attributes visible so you can see the citation details of the papers.

Second 2: 

Lets say my interest is researching the literature on trust. Now studies have incorporated trust in all three ways possible, i.e. As a DV or outcome variable, as an IV or antecedent variable, and there have studies which have looked at trust as a MV. So my system of using the Docear  attributes feature will allow me to filter for all the studies that have used trust in a particular way.

To achieve this we need to open the attribute manager now and add new attributes to it. The attributes manger is accessed from the resource tab. I generally add attributes for independent variables (IV), dependent variable (DV), and finally an attribute for mediating variable (MV).


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